Our Services

BUSP serves anyone who is interested in transforming their financial situation or who requires assistance to realize their dream of homeownership. Although our office and housing development are located in Homewood, we serve all of Allegheny County as well as Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

We accomplish this goal through:

Financial Literacy
– An education series designed to supplement the Faith Saves program and promote permanent change in spending and savings habits.
– Money Management Classes are offered to individuals who are interested in improving their financial situation and need to acquire the skills necessary to do so.
– Classes are taught in the evening to accommodate clients; dinner is provided each evening for added convenience
– Courses cover a wide variety of information
– Classes are taught at various churches throughout the Pittsburgh area
– Classes can be taught at various difficulty levels, depending on the audience
Credit Counseling and Repair
– Preventative Measures: Clients are educated to avoid common credit pitfalls
– In Crisis: Clients are counseled on repairing past credit issues. Clients who require assistance beyond our capabilities are referred to appropriate agencies who BUSP has a relationship with.
Homeownership Counseling and Preparation
– Education in the form of conferences as well as individual counseling is provided to inform clients what is necessary for him/her to become a homeowner
– Clients are given several follow-up actions, which they are assisted with when necessary
– In fact, all of our programs help to prepare our clients for homeownership
Housing Development
– Our current development project is located in the Homewood-Brushton area of the City of Pittsburgh
BUSP Housing Development-a BUSP Housing Development-b
Combating Predatory Lending
– Preventative Measures: Clients are educated on warning signs for predatory loans, and how to avoid them
– In Crisis: Community residents who question the validity of their loans are connected with lawyers who evaluate their claims and conduct any necessary follow-up

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